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Overseas exams

We provide an exam supervision service for international or distance learning students who would like to sit their exams in the Benelux Region. We also prepare long-distance students to sit examinations by improving writing skills in English and essay writing, a style of examination question more common in the UK.

How does it work?
Exam arrangements can be made by private candidates or institutions. The institution will send question papers, stationary, timetables, and all other exam materials or documentation directly to Masterclass Academy of Languages. Papers are always returned by courier.

There is a general registration fee of € 100.- per candidate. The additional costs are € 25,- per hour.

Example: Costs for a three hour paper: € 100.- + € 75.- = € 175.-

In case of a private payment of the exams services fees, you will be sent an invoice when the exact number of hours is known and this should be paid within 7 days of receiving this invoice.

In case of an institute paying the exams services fees, the invoice will be sent at the end of each exam session.

Cancelling and refunding
Cancellation four weeks or more in advance: 100% refund
Cancellation between four and two weeks in advance: refund of the additional costs only (€25,- per hour)
Cancellation less than two weeks in advance: no refund.

Please contact our Exams Section to ask about the possibilities and make further arrangements

Exam location
Unless stated otherwise, you will sit your exams in the exams room at our office in Rotterdam. You should report there 15 minutes before the actual starting time of the exam.

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